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I lost my brother to a God named Allah. While Jakob searches for the truth, I search for Jakob. Will we ever find each other? Documentary, 92 min.
Beyond the obvious From the first to the last breath, from the martial artist to the boys’ choir: As simple and self-evident breathing seems at first glance, so complex and effective it is when we look closer.
At crossing 12 y Malecón in Havana a student residence proudly rises into the sky. It is part of the national scholarship-program for students. Glancing into this building, the film paints an unusual and lively portrait of Cuba.

A short filmic essay about “inspections” in the strictly regulated Cuba full of illegal businesses.
(La tailleuse de pierres)

Story inspired by Djibril Diop Mambéty, and realized by Ismael Thiam, Massaër Dieng, Kock6 und Elí Roland Sachs.
The “Cologne technique” (Kölner Verfahren) is a special and gentle method of wood harvest. The logs are taken out of the forest in harmonic interaction by man, horse and machine. An observation.

Work with a horse on a construction site in Dakar/Senegal. Like in the film “Cologne technique” we here also observe without a comment the interaction of man and horse.

(Autour d’une Vision) 

”Circling a Vision” follows dreamers. Inspired by an idea of senegalese director Djibril Diop Mambéty, five artists in Senegal give their vision of the story “The Stonecutter” (see The stonecutter).