12 y Malecón, Habana

At crossing 12 y Malecón in Havana a student residence proudly rises into the sky. It is part of the national scholarship-program for students. Glancing into this building, the film paints an unusual and lively portrait of Cuba.

Documentary, 52 mins., Cuba 2012


Documentary, 52 minutes, HD, colour / spanish with english or german subtitles

A film by

Directing, production, camera: Elí Roland Sachs
Co-directing, sound : Maria Kindling


34. International Filmfestival Havanna
Kino Latino Cologne 2012
26. Filmfestival Cottbus 2016


Special Screening in studioimHOCHHAUS (Berlin-Hohenschönhausen):
04.10.2018 um 19 Uhr