Synopsis​ Bruder Jakob

Jakob is my beloved little brother. One day he changed and began calling himself a Salafi. Instead of drifting through Berlin’s nightclubs, smoking dope, making music and philosophizing with his housemates, Jakob’s new faith now stands above everything else. Are Jakob’s relationships to me and others, once deep and sincere, suddenly worth less to him than his new belief?

I want to understand where this change of heart and mind has come from and what it means. With my camera, I go in search of the bond of brotherly love, the way it used to be.


It takes some time before Jakob lets me get close to him, but then we finally begin to really talk to one another again.

I accompany him to his mosque, talk with his Imam, get to know his new brothers and meet his wife. While I slowly begin to understand Jakob’s very personal view of Islam, my brother continues his transformation that holds up a mirror to me. Am I ready to see the human before the believer?

“Brother Jakob” is an intimate portrait of my brother and his journey. It’s a journey with some hidden surprises and I have been invited to come along. It’s a journey with a clear yet distant goal: to find the truth.